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1.What is the temperature range of the liquids your flexitank can hold?

For safety consideration, GOOD Flexitank recommends a Safety Loading Temperature of -10°C~+60°C.


2.What is the size of your valve?

It is a standard 3 inch ball valve or butterfuly valve. If your loading or discharging pipe is 2 inch. We can offer a quick coupling device which can convert the 3 inch port to a 2 inch one,but as it is not the standard configuration, there arises extra charge.


3.Can your flexitank be re-used?

Our flexitank is a single-use disposable flexitank. There will be potential risks of reuse. So we don’t recommend that and the damages caused by reusing are not coverd in our insurance.


4. Can I load 16,000 liters in a 24,000 liter flexitank?

No. If it is not fully loaded, the movement from transportation causes a wave action in the liquid inside the flexitank and it can cause a tsunami-like force from within the container. Under-loading will destroy any flexitank. The guidelines for loading used by the Container Owner Association (COA) is not more or less than 500 litres of the flexitank rated capacity


5. Are your flexitanks safe?    

 Absolutely Yes!Firstly, about the materials, all GOOD Flexitanks are made of food-grade PE layers which are approved by the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) and we only use highest quality materials from our long term suppliers. Secondly, about our technology, we use the unique dual heat-sealing technology, which provides double insurance for the tightness of the inner liners; every production procedure is under close supervision and inspection of our experts; every single finished product is tested before packing; in addition, all our flextanks are  under Global Liability Coverage with 5 Million USD Compensation or Each GOOD Flexitank.